Breaking Bad Producers Turned Down $75 Million Offer To Make Three More Episodes

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 07 Aug 2020 14:38
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It has emerged that the producers of Breaking Bad turned down a whopping $75 million offer to make three more episodes of the hit show – and I’m just as gutted as you are.

The incredible deal was offered to the team by Dreamworks co-founder and former chairman of Walt Disney Studios Jeffrey Katzenberg, and would have paid more than seven times the amount for producing each episode of the original series.


While it could have been great, Katzenberg didn’t know about how the show ended at the time of pitching the idea.

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Kyle Buchanan from The New York Times shared the outtake quotes on the topic from his interview Katzenberg on social media.

Katzenberg had told him:


I met with them [the Breaking Bad team] maybe four or five months before the final season aired. I made a proposal to them that I would buy from them three additional episodes of ‘Breaking Bad’ for $25 million an episode.

At the time, they were producing these shows for $3.5 million an episode, so to literally buy three new episodes for that amount of money meant they would have made more profit from the purchase of those three episodes than they’d made from five years.

Now that’s big money.

Katzenberg’s intention was to have the three episodes made and break them down into chapters that were up to 10 minutes long, with one chapter being released every day for $1.

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Upon finishing his presentation, the Breaking Bad team began laughing, which left Katzenberg confused.

He explained:

At the end of my presentation, they all laughed. And I said, ‘Sorry, I missed the joke here. I don’t know why you’re all laughing.’ They said, ‘Sorry, we can’t tell you, but it will reveal itself to you why this isn’t going to work out for us.’

They didn’t tell me anything else until the new episodes came out, and then I was like, ‘Uh, duh!’ Nobody was left standing at the end.


Katzenberg was convinced there were 10 million people who would have paid that $1 a day to watch the additional chapters, and that it would have been ‘one off the great financial scores of all time’.

Speaking about the money he would have made, he said:

I do want to say that if I had been even 10% right, I would have made money! Someday, somebody’s going to do this. They’re going to make a ‘Star Wars” and say, “Hey, anybody want to see this? $25 on demand.’ And 500 million people are going to watch it, and it’ll be the biggest box office score of all time!

I mean, Walter could come back from the dead, right?


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