‘Breastfeeding My Boyfriend’ Documentary Accused Of ‘Adding Fuel To The Stigma Fire’

by : Hannah Smith on : 26 Oct 2021 09:15
'Breastfeeding My Boyfriend' Documentary Accused Of 'Adding Fuel To The Stigma Fire'Channel4

Viewers of a new documentary exploring ‘adult breastfeeding’ have accused the show of ‘sexualising’ breastfeeding, with some claiming it could harm efforts to destigmatise feeding in public.

Channel 4 documentary Breastfeeding My Boyfriend saw couples share their experience of using breastfeeding as part of their sex lives, while one woman revealed that she was able to make £30,000 per month by selling videos of her lactating to online fetishists.


The documentary’s filmmakers claimed to be intending to unpack the ‘taboo surrounding adult breastfeeding’, by ‘exploring a growing underground scene that ranges from women producing milk for their partners to the lucrative lactation porn industry’.

Women sells lactation videos (Channel4)Channel4

However while many viewers were just confused and slightly grossed out by the documentary, others were less than happy with the decision to air it, arguing that by focusing on the sexualisation of breastfeeding, the filmmakers were contributing to a continued stigma that has historically seen woman shamed for breastfeeding their children in public.

‘Mothers already get abuse for [breastfeeding] in public & you make a show, sexualising it further and adding fuel to the stigma fire?!’ one woman tweeted in outrage, while another said the show was ‘further pushing the taboo that already exists around women who breastfeed their babies in public’.

Woman breastfeeding in a cafe (Alamy)Alamy

‘As a currently breastfeeding mother I’m so disturbed just by the hashtag alone. It’s something that should never be sexualised,’ someone else pointed out as #breastfeedingmyboyfriend began trending on social media.

Public breastfeeding has long been a campaign issue for women’s rights activists, with scores of women having come forward with their own stories about being shamed for breastfeeding in public places. Many campaigners blame the sexualisation of female breasts for the stigma, with one viewer tweeting that fetishes like those shown on the documentary were ‘the reason so many new mums have to feed their babies in toilets’.

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