Brendan Fraser Starred As A Bollywood Villain And It’s Hilarious

by : Cameron Frew on : 04 Oct 2021 15:56
Brendan Fraser Starred As A Bollywood Villain And It's HilariousZEE5

Brendan Fraser’s role as the villain in a Bollywood movie has resurfaced – and it is incredible. 

Everybody loves Fraser. Much like Keanu Reeves and Tom Hanks, it’s not that he’s immune to bad press, it’s just there’s never any going on around him. Anytime his name comes up in headlines, it’s always good news about another role or him being wholesome about his fans.


The Mummy star had to leave the movies for a while under horrible circumstances – however, in recent years he’s been plotting a slow comeback in the likes of Doom Patrol and No Sudden Move. In 2019, he starred as the antagonist in a Bollywood thriller – it’s fair to say, he steals every scene.

Line of Descent stars Fraser as Charlie ‘Charu’ Jolpin, an Alaskan arms dealer who offers the Sinha mafia family a new revenue stream.

A small compilation of his scenes was shared to Twitter by Justin Decloux (@DeclouxJ). ‘Don’t let the poster fool you. The Frase Haze has got only about five scenes, but damn, it feels like he went wild and they used the first take. Pure Japanese ‘No one I know will see this, right?’ Commercial energy,’ he tweeted.


It’s been viewed more than half a million times, with fans comparing his work to Nicolas Cage. ‘Fraser has never been more Cagelike,’ Decloux also wrote. ‘Brendan Fraser is a national treasure who must be protected at all cost,’ one user wrote.

‘Why is Brendan Fraser playing every single one of my uncles in this?’ another user joked. ‘At first I thought he had forgotten his lines and improvising poorly, but then I realised that he’s acting exactly like every single low level drug dealer I’ve ever met. Brilliance,’ another wrote.

Line of Descent is available to stream on-demand. 


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