Bridesmaids Director Reveals Deleted Food Poisoning Scene That Went ‘Too Far’

by : Julia Banim on : 29 Apr 2021 14:36
Bridesmaids Director Reveals Deleted Food Poisoning Scene That Went 'Too Far'Universal Pictures

As one of the greatest comedy movies of recent times, Bridesmaids is filled with iconic, toe-curling scenes that have kept fans laughing even after 10 years and multiple rewatches.

Of course, the most memorable scene is also the grossest; a scene that has no doubt given many brides-to-be nightmares in the years since its release.


As you will no doubt recall, Annie (Kristen Wiig) recommends a Brazilian steakhouse for a girls’ lunch prior before their dress shopping trip. Although best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph) trusts Annie’s foodie expertise, jealous rival Helen (Rose Byrne) isn’t so sure, and refuses to eat any meat.

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To the great frustration of Annie, it turns out that smug Helen was absolutely right to steer clear of the meat, as the rest of the bridesmaids end up with brutal food poisoning, with mortifyingly explosive consequences.

The cringe-horror escalates to the point where Lillian actually ends up pooing in the street while still wearing a very expensive bridal gown, all while the shop owner looks on in a state of helpless panic.


The juxtaposition between the cleanly elegant bridal shop and the volcanic eruption of diarrhoea really can only be watched from behind your fingers, however it would appear that things very nearly went even further.

Speaking with Esquire ahead of the 10-year anniversary, director Paul Feig revealed that one scene from the food poisoning sequence ended up getting cut as it went ‘too far’.

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Feig told Esquire:


There’s a deleted sequence where, after Becca throws up on Rita’s head, she has to throw up again, so she runs out of the bathroom and down the hall, thinking that there’s another bathroom at the end of the hallway.

It turns out that the door opens onto Whitney’s office; she throws the door open and projectile vomits across this beautiful white office, and all over the wedding picture of Whitney and her husband.

He continued:

We shot a lot of outrageous stuff knowing that we could adjust the balance later. The minute we shot that sequence, we all said, ‘I think this is a bridge too far.’ So we scrapped that.

Feig also revealed that they had a ‘cleaner’ version of that scene ready to go just in case test audiences didn’t respond well to the full-on grossness of the final cut. Thankfully, the response was brilliant and the rest is history.


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