Britain’s Got Talent Magician Trick Goes Seriously Wrong On Live TV


Magic is a fascinating thing – that is, when performed correctly. Unfortunately Britain’s Got Talent star, Matt Edward’s appearence on Good Morning Britain just seemed to go from bad to worse.

So first things first, Matt told presenter Eamonn Holmes to pick from a pack of superhero cards, then Matt accidentally dropped a card on the floor.

Whether it was part of the trick or not – who knows – but that doesn’t matter.

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Eventually Eamonn chooses a card, although he’s told to keep it to himself, the card he picked was clearly visible above his gargantuan hand. Not Matt’s fault but still – this trick ain’t going great, and Matt could almost definitely see what card he picked.


Now – as the trick moves onwards, Matt reveals that when he was a child all he wanted was to be Lolliman – a superhero lollipop.

He brings out a lollipop, gives it a cape, and proceeds to suck the old boy – revealing that it tastes like strawberry.

Then, as asked, co-star Charlotte proceeds to try to explain Batman’s features to Matt – failing dismally to do so.

But eventually everything turned out just fine – with Matt pulling the lollipop out of his mouth which had mesmerisingly slightly been carved into Batman.


Unfortunately Twitter users didn’t seem best impressed with the whole carnival of events.

Better luck next time Matt.