Brooklyn 99’s Andre Braugher Joins Twitter And Posts Hilarious First Video

by : Francesca Donovan on : 27 Feb 2019 09:59
andre braugher joins twitter as captain holt andre braugher joins twitter as captain holt AndreBraugher/Twitter

“Oh, look at that, an alert…” What would Captain Raymond Holt of the ninety-ninth precinct say – and in only 280 characters, no less?


Andre Braugher, the man, the myth, the legendary actor who graces us with his portrayal of the police captain from Brooklyn’s 99th precinct, purveyor of quick witticisms, home truths, and slogan vest tops – has joined Twitter and I am in a state of total deadpan euphoria.

We can only assume Chelsea Peretti – the comic acting genius behind Gina Linetti – has something to do with this glorious news.

Braugher got into character to take to Twitter for the first time with an inevitably popular tweet, which at the time of writing has amassed 20,000 ‘likes’.


Captioned ‘Testing 123, is this thing on’, Braugher shared an accompanying video, in full Holt garb – the only thing missing was the furry pig, Cheddar.

He said:

Hi, it’s me, Andre Braugher. I’m here.

Simple. Effective. Classic Holt. Although we can’t help but notice the contraction of ‘it is’ and we’re worried.

You can watch Holt speaking fully and fluently in his best bits below:

Andre Braugher has been bringing Captain Holt to life ever since Brooklyn Nine-Nine began, making Jake wear a tie and delivering expertly-timed rejoinders to Madeleine Wunch, who is absolutely a goat, you goat.

It’s only right, then, this titan of telly acting should be able to wade in with some sassy hot takes on Twitter from now on in.


This is his first ever:

In the words of Holt himself, he’s ‘probably trending already’.

Fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine – a famously loyal bunch who managed to tweet reply their way into getting a sixth series picked up by NBC after Fox (boo hiss) cancelled the show – have responded accordingly.

(FYI, if you haven’t seen the sixth series, it is honestly the best one yet – like the Die Hard franchise of television series.)

Many fans have apologised – as Holt would – for getting so emotional.

UNILAD – in a mission to help art reflect life and make the cast of the Nine-Nine seem real for a brief glorious moment – has done the necessary research to confirm this is not a bot, as fictional Twitter thought in the show’s episode when Holt joined Twitter, but is indeed ‘a human male’.

Disclaimer: I’m just going off the verified tick, to be honest, but it’s enough.

We’ve also had the move confirmed via song on Braugher’s Instagram, ‘the gateway drug’ of social media platforms, according to the actor, who has posted a grand total of six pictures.


Welcome to the murder, Dad – I mean, Captain!

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