Brooklyn Nine-Nine Fans Demand Bruce Willis Cameo For Final Season

by : Cameron Frew on : 13 Feb 2021 14:40
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Fans Demand Bruce Willis Cameo For Final Season20th Century Fox/NBC

Following the news that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is coming to an end, fans want one thing: a Bruce Willis cameo. 

The hit NBC show will reach its conclusion with its eighth season. In an earlier statement, executive producer Dan Goor wrote, ‘The way I see it, if this is to be our last ride then let us go out in a blaze of glory.’


Many have been speculating over how the show will end, but fans are united in wanting Willis to make an appearance.

For the uninitiated, Andy Samberg’s Jake Peralta is obsessed with Die Hard – so much so, he’s cited it as his reason for joining the force – and  Willis’s iconic John McClane is his hero. It’s been a running joke since the show began, even directly parodying the movie in its Yippie Kayak episode.

One user wrote, ‘Imma be real mad if they don’t get Bruce Willis at least for the last season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. My man Jake deserves an episode with his idol.’


Another tweeted, ‘Please Bruce Willis, you gotta be in the ending of #Brooklyn99 !!!!! It has to be epic!!!! Make it happen!!’

Brooklyn Nine Nine Die HardNBC

Willis clearly isn’t opposed to poking fun at himself, having reprised the role late last year for a car battery advert.

Samberg has even discussed the prospect of getting him on the show, earlier telling Jimmy Fallon, ‘My character is obsessed with Die Hard, so we’ve long said that getting Bruce Willy would be like a huge thing. I mean, I’ve appealed many times for this, I think maybe he’s like waiting for the end to surprise us and shock the world, or, he hates me. I love him.’


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