Bruce Lee’s Only Recorded Real Fight Has Been Unearthed

by : UNILAD on : 13 Jun 2017 12:59

Bruce Lee, the most famed martial artists of all time, was regularly seen fighting on camera, but never seen taking part in a real brawl.


The Hong Kong and American actor, who died at the age of 32 in 1973, created his own martial art called Jeet Kune Do which is ‘the Way of the Intercepting Fist’.

Lee sparred with his students regularly, but only one of his MMA fights was recorded and has only recently been restored.

The video is captioned:


This is the only recording of Bruce Lee in a real MMA fight. He’s fighting Ted Wong here, one of his top students.

If not for those rules I can guarantee you that Bruce would have fought bare-knuckled.

The two martial artists can be seen in black padded gear, with Lee keeping his distance and moving at lightning speed to deflect and disarm Wong who is constantly on the attack.

Ted Wong only studied under Lee so went on to teach others the most pure form of Lee’s art as well as writing a series of books on the fighting technique.

The footage is a rare insight into Lee’s off screen expertise.

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    Bruce Lee's Only Real Fight Ever Recorded!