Bryan Cranston Says Malcolm In The Middle Film Could Happen


For six years, seven seasons and 151 episodes, Bryan Cranston was Hal.

The loving, caring, well-meaning father and devoted husband who is also eternally immature, occasionally short tempered and utterly relatable.

But what’s amazing about Bryan Cranston is that when Malcolm in the Middle came to an end, he wasn’t content living the rest of his life typecast as Hal, reports UPROXX.


Instead he did the polar opposite and went onto become Walter White, the righteous but barbaric Machiavellian drug lord who took the breath away from audiences of Breaking Bad across the globe.

However after making his name as one of the finest actors to grace our screens, Cranston may just be turning his hand back to Malcolm in the Middle, much to the delight of nostalgia fetishists everywhere.


Apparently there’s been some talk of a Malcolm in the Middle movie and Bryan’s 100 per cent down for it – but there’s just one condition…

We, the audience, have to want it too…

Speaking about the prospect of a movie, Cranston said:

There has been some conversation about that. I don’t know if or when that could happen, I guess we have to gauge the temperament of the fans to see if its something they want. But maybe. It would be fun to play with all those people again.

To me, Malcolm in the Middle was what I watched every single day after school as I slowly metamorphosed from a child into a teenager and I know for a fact that if there’s anything the world needs right now it’s the sentimental and evocative orgasm fest that will be Malcolm in the Middle: The Movie.

Let’s get this set in stone guys.