Cab Driver Convinces Kids He’s A Suicide Bomber In Tasteless Prank


Jihadist pranks are sadly becoming a thing nowadays as pranksters take advantage of people’s understandable fear of death.

Australian brothers the Jalals caused outrage after pointing a mock AK47 at a child, and now a Saudi Arabian TV channel has got in on the tasteless act.

As reported by the Daily Mail the ‘prank’ sees a fake taxi driver convince passengers he intends to include them in a suicide blast.

Words fail me as to how anyone thought that was a good idea.

The Mail has reported a translation of the video and allege the driver tells passengers ‘I want you to come to heaven with me’.

That poor lad was brought to tears by the so-called gag.

This fella was so concerned he jumped out of the moving car.

You can hardly blame these two guys for retaliating with force.

According to the Mail the Alalam website argues the prank was intended to demonstrate the ‘destructive bloody culture’ of jihadism and to try and stop young Saudis from joining up.

At least they didn’t call it a social experiment.