Caitlyn Jenner Tries To Ignite Family Feud After Her Show Gets Terrible Ratings

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Apparently Caitlyn’s Jenner’s reality show is on the verge of cancellation and she’s not happy, at all.

The reality show – I Am Cait – charts her life following her sex change last year. But it’s seen a steady decline in viewers since it debuted last summer on the E! Network.

While the Kardashians are raking it in, Caitlyn isn’t have anywhere near as much luck in her pursuit of fame and success.

Despite I Am Cait enjoying around 2.7 million viewers when it first launched, the Hollywood Reporter now calculates that her viewing figures have dropped to just 745,000.

And now it seems the show’s front woman is blaming everyone but herself for its failure. Online gossip site Radar are painting a pretty grim picture, suggesting Cait is a paranoid mess who is convinced her former wife Kris Jenner is sabotaging the show.

They report: “Caitlyn seems to think that Kris is actually somehow doing something behind the scenes to affect the ratings.”


I’ve got another suggestion – maybe it’s because people aren’t interested in her life as much as she thinks we are?

Just a thought…