Captain Marvel Named Most Mistake-Filled Film Of 2019

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Captain Marvel Named Most Mistake-Filled Film Of 2019Marvel

Making a film is by no means an easy task, particularly when it’s done on a multi-million-dollar scale, so it’s inevitable some mistakes are going to happen.

Some films, it seems though, make more than others, and apparently Captain Marvel is at the top of that list for 2019, compiled by MovieMistakes.com.


The eagerly anticipated film came in with 59 mistakes, therefore making it boss of cinematic mistakes for the entire year.

Captain Marvel Named Most Mistake-Filled Film Of 2019Marvel

A lot of the errors came down to the film’s inability to remain in the time period it was supposed to be set in. For example, when characters could be seen using a version of Windows and playing Street Fighter – both of which hadn’t been released in 1995. There were also a number of different films visible in Blockbuster that hadn’t been in cinemas yet, and songbooks in the background that didn’t come out for another decade.

Avengers: Endgame came in second place with 51 errors, and Midsommar came in third with  45 errors.


Of course, it is all a case of harmless nitpicking of things that don’t really affect the ability to enjoy the movies, so we’ll not hold it against them.

Meanwhile, not only has Avengers: Endgame earned the second place title of the highest number of errors, but it has also increased character porn searches on PornHub by 2912%.

Avengers searches on Pornhub spikePornhub

The massive increase in Pornhub searches peaked on April 19, on the run-up to Endgame’s release. A graph released by the site shows searches increased by a staggering 2912% when compared to the average number of searches recorded earlier in the month.

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To help put that into perspective, that’s an additional two million searches in just over seven days.

Searches dropped again after April 19, but I’m sure the release of the film will have encouraged many people to head back to their laptops for some additional viewing.

So hey, it turns out the number of mistakes makes no difference to how many people will want to get their jollies to the characters. Who knew?

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