Cara Delevingne Gets X-Rated With Margot Robbie In Bizarre Interview

by : UNILAD on : 02 Aug 2016 13:44

Suicide Squad is now just days away from hitting our screens, and as the build-up keeps on building, Cara decided to tell the world she had a superpower. 


In what appeared to be a standard pre-release press interview, the blond model thought the time was just right to let everybody know she had a superpower – the ability to find anybody’s nipple, reports the Daily Star.

Sat next to Margot Robbie and Karen Fukuhara, uber-rich  Cara – spawn of a family with close connections to royalty and the modelling world – proceeded to try and give Margot’s nipple a squeeze, resulting in a touch just ‘millimetres away’ from the areola itself.


Looking like she’d had a few too many Lucozades, Cara then moved onto co-star Karen Fukuhara, giving her nipple a quick pinch, making her jump, and then rapidly going for the interviewers nipple too.


Speaking about the incident, Cara said:

I bet anyone who has a T-shirt on, I can find their nipple right away, I have like a nipple detector in my mind.


Shame Cara only has an infinitesimal fraction of the talent and interview awkwardness as this guy, Serge Gainsbourg.

Cara and co were promoting their summer blockbuster Suicide Squad, which hits cinemas with midnight viewings across the UK on Friday, August 5.


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  1. Daily Star

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