Caroline Flack Fuels Rumours Of Mass Dumping In Tonight’s Love Island

by : Julia Banim on : 01 Jul 2018 18:17
Caroline FlackCaroline FlackITV2

For a show which professes to be all about love, Love Island is a pretty brutal programme.


‘National Heartbreak Island’ or ‘Love Triangle Island’ would perhaps be a more appropriate title. And tonight looks set to be a particularly sunny hell of emotional turmoil.

Look closely and you will see the crystal clear waters of the pool running red, Iain Stirling speaking in tongues, locusts in teeny-tiny bikinis swarming the sun deck…

Basically, a lot of people are about to get mugged off.

Eyal and MeganEyal and MeganITV2

Caroline Flack has been dropping some seriously big hints which have left viewers suspicious of an impending mass dumping.

Now – as we all know – the 38-year-old TV presenter only graces islanders with her hair-flicking presence during eliminations or when a big announcement needs to be made.

The merest echo of her River Island sandals strutting towards Casa Amor is enough to sweat the suncream from the contestants’ brows. In this glittery pocket of reality, the Flack giveth and she taketh away.

Posting a series of cryptic stories on her Instagram on Saturday 30 June, Caroline taunted fans with the mysterious line:

Tonight we’re going into the villa. But one cannot tell you why.

The ITV host can be seen getting her make up done, all ready for battle. In another image, she flaunts the strapless pink dress she will rock for what many believe will be a brutal mass break-up.

This latest intrigue is indeed lending further credence to rumours of a seriously dramatic plot-twist brewing in the pec-packed paradise.

Caroline FlackCaroline Flackcarolineflack/Instagram
Caroline Flack Instagram story hints Love Island plot twistCaroline Flack Instagram story hints Love Island plot twistCaroline Flack/Instagram

Tonight looks set to be a tense one. Mirroring the previous series, the original boys will make their return to Case Amore, accompanied by the six new girls.

As if this wasn’t drama-inducing enough, a savage re-coupling will then occur with the islanders choosing who they want to stay with, and who they don’t.

Caroline Flack selfie in the mirrorCaroline Flack selfie in the mirrorcarolineflack/Instagram

Viewers appear particularly concerned about the fates of Romeo and Juliet of the season, Dani and Jack; particularly after a tweet from the official Love Island Twitter account which showed an emotional Dani responding to a shocking text.

Love Island tweeted the following insight alongside a crying emoji:

FIRST LOOK: A cheeky challenge makes the Islanders paranoid, and poor Dani is crushed by a devastating text.

Surely life – even in this surreal, toned alternative universe – couldn’t be so cruel as to rip loveable Dani and Jack apart?

One person raged:


LEAVE JACK AND DANI ALONE!!! they are happy together and there’s no need to try ruin them!!! you’ll lose views not gain them by doing this.

Another fumed:

Don’t say ‘poor Dani’ like you give a stuff about her feelings.

If you cared for ANYONE’S feelings you’d stop trying so hard to split Jack and Dani up and instead focus on showing Georgia what Josh has been up to.

I’m not sure if I am even ready for the infuriating events which will undoubtedly unfold this evening.

A strong beach-style cocktail will definitely be in order…

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