Carrie Fisher Confesses To ‘Intense’ Affair With Star Wars Co-Star

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Carrie Fisher has finally answered one of the longest-running ‘have they or haven’t they’ questions regarding her romantic history with Harrison Ford.

After nearly four decades, she’s revealed the secret we’ve all been waiting for – her three-month affair with then 33-year-old married father-of-two Ford.

Fisher, who was only 19 at the time, said the affair started during filming of the original Star Wars, after a birthday party for director George Lucas.


She told People about being with the 33-year-old when she was still just a teenager:

It was so intense. I was so inexperienced, but I trusted something about him. He was kind.

It was Han and Leia during the week, and Carrie and Harrison during the weekend.

So why now? After stumbling on journals she kept while filming on location in London, she felt the time had come to open up, saying: “It’s been 40 years.”

Fisher also details her insecurities and self-doubt throughout the affair, which ended when filming wrapped, PEOPLE reports.

“I looked over at Harrison. A hero’s face — a few strands of hair fell over his noble, slightly furrowed brow,” she writes in the memoir. “How could you ask such a shining specimen of a man to be satisfied with the likes of me?”

How could he not, Princess Leia?

And as you would expect, the Internet is going crazy over this particular affair:

Just when you thought we could throw 2016 in the gutter, this happens.

If you’re interested in hearing more about this ‘intense affair’, Fisher’s book, The Princess Diarist, will be released Tuesday, November 22.