‘Caveman’ Who Refused To Shave For 12 Years Looks Like Model After Makeover

'caveman' boyfriend gets makeoverOWN/YouTube

38-year-old veteran, Josh, sported the sort of luxuriantly bountiful beard your local hipster barista could only dream of.

However, his other half, Heidi, missed looking into her beloved’s face, admitting to Oprah Winfrey how she’d forgotten what he even looked like under the thick mass of hair.

Heidi revealed how the first time she met Josh, his hair and beard had been even wilder. Kissing had apparently been an issue as she couldn’t even figure out where his mouth was.

Check out the startling transformation for yourself below and prepare for some serious eye-rubbing:

Josh started growing his hair and beard after leaving the military, and prior to his drastic makeover on The Oprah Winfrey Show, hadn’t shaved in 12 years.

Heidi summed up her grievances as she sat next to her ‘caveman’ boyfriend:

I like Josh’s look, I just want it to be a little less, erm, hairy.

Stubborn Josh refused to let Heidi near his hairy pride and joy, only letting her trim away half an inch at the very most.

Heidi was further exasperated about her partner ‘dressing like The Fonz,’ continuously sporting white t-shirts, jeans and work boots; even when heading out on the town.

'caveman' boyfriend gets makeover.OWN/YouTube

Speaking to the expert makeover crew, a confident-as-can-be Josh challenged:

I dare you to make me look better than I do right now.

Little did anyone know just how strikingly attractive Josh would look after a little TLC from Project Runway’s fashion guru, Tim Gunn.

The studio audience cheered with astonishment and appreciation as Josh 2.0 sauntered onstage, looking decidedly well-groomed and stylish.

Check out the ‘after’ picture:

'caveman' gets makeoverOWN

The beard and hair – which had previously dominated his handsome features – were trimmed back to a much neater – and more kissable – length.

As he beamed with evident pleasure, viewers could now finally observe Josh’s winning smile and twinkling eyes.

The offending work shoes were nowhere to be seen; replaced with some far more sophisticated boots.

Styling a tailored leather jacket and red sweater over a dress shirt, Josh still retained his individual sense of self, but looked ready for any catwalk or fancy date life may throw at him.

Caveman' boyfriend gets MakeoverOWN/YouTube

Trendy Tim explained his creation in the following terms:

It’s all about reflecting who they are, their core, making them better, enhancing them,

A flabbergasted Heidi appeared genuinely stunned by her bf’s new look, gasping:

He looks great, and this is exactly what I’ve been trying to get him to do. He still has beard and [facial] hair, but he looks great.

I can’t get over it. Thank you, Tim!

And nobody was happier with this sleeker, less ‘biblical’ appearance than Josh, who joyfully admitted:

I feel like a new man.

'caveman' gets makeoverOWN/YouTube

I must admit, I very much liked Josh’s original, uniquely shaggy appearance. However, it was so lovely to see him stroll out on the stage with such new found confidence.

And judging by the way Heidi was admiring him, I very much doubt there was any problems with smooching after the show wrapped up!

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