CBB ‘Fix’ Claims After Secret ‘Unaired’ Fight Revealed

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Celebrity Big Brother has got plenty of drama up its sleeves, but it seems they’ve got a few extra bits they didn’t want viewers to see…


James Jordan who left the house in a shock eviction this week, has revealed a few interesting things about his time in the house that apparently we weren’t privy to seeing…

Jordan revealed on Loose Women today, he’d had ‘several’ rows with housemate, Calum Best that ominously were never aired, Digital Spy reports.

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One of the bizarre arguments was about ‘egg-timers’ of all things…


He said:

First one was over his mum [Angie], when she had to turn the egg-timers late at night – and he flipped at me about that.

I said, ‘It’s not me that’s done that, it’s Big Brother who’s told her she had to do that’, and we had a massive argument about it.

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The next fight Jordan reckoned was not shown, involved Colleen Nolan and Calum.

He continued:

When Coleen said to him, ‘Oh, you’d be my one-night stand but I’d want to marry Jamie’ because he was in a bad place at that time – she said, ‘You’re the kind of person I’d want to marry’, because Jamie was upset about something.

But then he acted like a little baby and was getting all upset about it.

So I find him very sensitive and he wants to be this cool dude but I just think… yeah.

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Interestingly, Digital Spy approached Channel 5 about their reasons for concealing footage.


They replied with:

Not all of the action that takes place in the Big Brother house over a 24-hour period is shown in the daily hour-long highlights show.

Intriguing response.

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To make matters worse, fix claims were being spouted when viewers mysteriously couldn’t get through to vote for James on the CBB app…

The plot thickens…

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