CBB’s Chloe Khan’s ‘Secret Husband’ Speaks Out About Their Relationship


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In the latest round of Celebrity Big Brother ‘news’ the ‘secret husband’ of Chloe Khan has spoken out about speculation over their relationship status.

Chloe – who rose to ‘fame’ on The X Factor – has been accused of hiding the fact she has been married for six years from her fellow housemates, reports the Huffington Post. 

Rumours have been flying since she and fellow housemate Stephen Bear became, shall we say, ‘romantically involved’ inside the house.

However, Mohammad Imran Khan has now spoken out, confirming that he and Chloe were married but have split up.

Writing on Chloe’s Instagram account, Mohammad said: 

There is a lot of speculation and bad press about Chloe’s private and family life.

It’s very sad for me to see that yet again supposed friends of Chloe’s are selling stories on her to make a bit of money at her expense.

Myself and Chloe were married years ago, it ended very amicably and we remain the best of friends.

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Mohammad concluded the post saying that he is running Chloe’s social media accounts whilst she’s in the house and that she always has his ‘full support’.

The most recent episode of the – some would say desperate – Channel 5 reality series saw Chloe strip off to perform a topless pole dance, which among various other things, such as Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor in general, prompted some of the housemates to threaten to go on strike.

Oh the drama…