Celebrity Big Brother Star Rushed To Hospital From House

Channel 5

New Year, new series of celebrity Big Brother, full of people you’ve never heard of but can’t help but watch sit around a house all day.

The latest bit of drama from the house has seen one of this year’s contestants being rushed to a nearby hospital, coinciding with the arrival of Jedward. Coincidence? Probably not.

In an unaired scene, celebrity DJ Brandon Block was allegedly removed from the house just two days into his Celeb Big Brother experience after feeling unwell.

Channel 5

According to Ok Magazine, the 49-year-old was suffering from chest pains, and after on-site medical staff were unable to diagnose the cause, he was granted permission to leave the house and was taken to hospital.

Apparently Brandon’s case was so worrying that medical staff were concerned he could become critical.

A source told the Daily Star: 

Brandon wasn’t well at all. It was pretty serious.

He immediately saw the medics that were on standby at the house.

But there were concerns his condition could worsen and could even become critical so it was decided he needed to go to hospital.

Channel 5

The DJ isn’t the first housemate to be taken to hospital so far this series.

Edward Grimes (from Jedward) was taken to have his back checked out after he fell off the stage while walking into the house.

It was really bad and not in the slightest bit hilarious, but just in case you missed it here it is so you can watch it over and over and over again:

There’s been no official word on Brandon’s illness, but thankfully he was released from hospital and made an appearance on Friday night’s live show.