Celebrity Naked Attraction Has Found Its First Contestant

Channel Four

Naked Attraction: the show nobody asked for but everybody has watched at least once, merely out of curiosity.

I’ve given it a gander once or twice and learnt two things in the process. Human bodies are, for the most-part, unattractive cuts of meat, when taken out of a sexual context.

I also learnt it’s one of the worst shows in the world to be caught watching when your nan saunters through for her 11.30 cup of hot milk. There’s just no explaining why you’re sat alone staring at six flaccid penises.

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But anyway. Moving on. Now Naked Attraction is back with a twist. It’s starring celebrities, according to The Sun, who no doubt will be the kind of celebrities who once appeared in Ex On The Beach or in the background of a Geordie Shore club scene.

The first contestant has been named as none other than 28-year-old Irish model, Jeremy McConnell. Not that I have to tell you who he is, because of course, McConnell is famous across the globe for starring in MTV’s Beauty School Cop Outs – before going into Celebrity Big Brother. ‘Celebrity’.


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Speaking to The Sun, a source said:

Jeremy has hit rock bottom and thinks that doing this show for a good cause could help him turn his public profile around, even if it does mean getting naked.

He’s not ashamed of his tackle. The celebrity one-off show would be a ratings hit, with massive viewing figures.

The one-off show, which yet to be commissioned, is reported to be part of Stand Up To Cancer starring folk from Love Island, TOWIE, Ex On The Beach, Geordie Shore and Made In Chelsea.

Recently, Jeremy has been in the news for his toxic relationship with his ex Stephanie Davis – during which he was convicted of assaulting her.

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Appearing on Jeremy Kyle to tell his side of the story, he said:

There was a lot of domestic violence in that relationship. I take full responsibility. People know it’s not in my nature. I’m not a scumbag.
I’m trying to be as a genuine as I can. I have a massive heart and I’d help anyone out.

The show, which currently does not have an air date, is expected to attract huge audiences for Channel Four.

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