CGI Monkey Set To Play Robbie Williams In Upcoming Film Biopic

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CGI Monkey Set To Play Robbie Williams In Upcoming Film BiopicAlamy

A biopic about former Take That member Robbie Williams, called Better Man, will see a CGI monkey take on the role of the Rock DJ singer.

The film is set to start production in early 2022, at the Docklands Studios in Melbourne, Victoria.


The biopic will not only look into the 47-year-old’s singing career but also his personal life, leaving no stone unturned as to what led him to become a member of Take That and later a solo artist in his own right.

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Michael Gracey, who directed The Greatest Showman, has co-written the biopic and will also take on the role of director, Deadline reports.

Williams stated: 


I’m so excited I am making this movie in Victoria with my friend Michael Gracey.

The film is set to be a big production, incorporating around 220 crew members, 2,700 extras, 14 local Heads of Departments, and 80 visual effects experts.

But the best, and most bizarre news of all, is that Williams won’t be portrayed by an actor, but a CGI monkey.


Gracey previously told Deadline he wanted to do the film ‘in a really original way’.

‘It’s this fantastical story, and I want to represent it in its harsh reality all the way to these moments of pure fantasy,’ he said.

While Robbie will sing every song within the film, he will be played, ultimately, by a monkey who has been computer-generated.

Gracey noted:


It’s because he has such a unique way of talking about his life, and he was so open about it. If we can present it in an original way it would reflect how original this is, but also, how relatable it is. It’s not often you can tell extraordinary fantastical stories that everyone can relate to.

There is a bit of that in the superhero narrative, like I’m an every person and I discover something and get this incredible superpower. That is a fantasy we all subscribe to. It is interesting when you can access that when it comes to a rock star.

The film is expected to ‘become a major theatrical event’, according to Roadshow Films CEO, Joel Pearlman.

Pearlman also noted how ‘excited’ the team were to shoot the biopic in Melbourne, ‘which is also the hometown of director Michael Gracey’.

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Gracey said it was a ‘dream come true’ to be able to film Better Man in his home city, because of the ‘creative energy that burns across the Melbourne film industry’.

‘I know this movie will thrive here with the support of the Australian Government’s Producer Offset and Film Victoria’s incentive program,’ he said.

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