Chadwick Boseman Lost To Anthony Hopkins And People Are Furious

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Chadwick Boseman Lost To Anthony Hopkins And People Are FuriousPA Images

In somewhat of a major Oscars upset, Anthony Hopkins won over Chadwick Boseman – soon after, social media erupted. 

Boseman was widely expected to win a posthumous Academy Award for his performance in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, his final role.


However, echoing Olivia Colman’s 2019 win for The Favourite after her BAFTA award, Hopkins came in for a surprise win for Best Actor for The Father, triggering a Twitter meltdown aimed firmly at the organisers.

Let’s get one thing clear immediately: anyone’s anger isn’t, and shouldn’t, be aimed at Hopkins. It’s an extraordinary performance in a breathtaking movie, and he’s just as deserving as any nominee in the category.

However, the organisers broke with tradition towards the end of the ceremony in a way which raised a few eyebrows, ours included: instead of putting Best Picture last, as it’s the biggest award of the evening, Best Actress and Actor were left until the end.


After Boseman’s inclusion in the hastily-paced In Memoriam section, many speculated the Oscars had left Boseman’s win until last. Yet, when Hopkins’ win was announced by Anthony Hopkins, bringing the night to a very abrupt close, viewers were left speechless.

Among the reactions, IndieWire’s David Ehrlich wrote, ‘Everything about that was a bummer. #Oscars f*cked up big time not saving Best Picture for last, Boseman doesn’t get the tribute he deserves, and Hopkins gets a ‘what the f*ck just happened?’ moment for the single best performance of his entire career.’

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Discussing Film‘s Diego Andaluz wrote, ‘Be angry at the Oscars, but please don’t be angry at Anthony Hopkins. He gave a great performance as well, and it wasn’t his fault that the Academy structured the show in such a nasty way.’

Richard Newby tweeted, ‘Anthony Hopkins is without fault. Class-act and brilliant performance in The Father. Truly, he, Boseman, and Ahmed were all neck and neck for me. Fault is on the Oscar producers who, for ratings, needlessly made the loss of an icon even harder on those anticipating his honour.’

Twitter user Zoë wrote, ‘Everyone bouta attack Anthony Hopkins… leave him alone. Let’s remember the real enemy is them switching the order knowing who was gonna win and inviting Chadwick’s family and not giving him a proper tribute.’


Kyle Buchanan wrote, ‘They build the entire show around a Chadwick Boseman ending and then Anthony Hopkins won and didn’t show up.’

Spencer Althouse also wrote, ‘The Oscars were so sure that Chadwick Boseman was going to win that they REARRANGED THE ENTIRE CEREMONY so his category could be last, and then they gave the award to Anthony Hopkins instead…the most chaotic and unhinged thing I’ve ever seen.’

Expect this controversy to continue for the rest of the week.

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