Channel 4 Nude Dating Show Naked Attraction Is Looking For Contestants

Channel 4

If you’re one of those people who whips their clothes off at every opportunity, then Channel 4 are looking for you to star in their show.

If you’d be up for meeting your prospective partner, completely in the nude – personally I feel a panic attack coming on just thinking about it – then you should apply to Naked Attraction.

Needless to say, all entrants need to be over 18, but aside from meeting the age requirement, all you have to do is fill in an online form and answer some simple questions.

Channel 4

The hit Channel 4 show allows one plucky person to choose from six naked contestants to try and find their true love.

It’s like Blind Date but instead of asking them meaningless questions from behind a screen, you get to check out their junk before you see their face as you ask questions.

Each contestant reveals a part of their naked body from behind a screen – one part at a time – as questions are put to them.

Channel 4

As well as having a kind of voyeuristic attractiveness, the show brings up issues about body confidence and just how much physical attractiveness plays into our relationships.

The upcoming third series will be hosted by Anna Richardson, who’ll guide the potential couples in the right direction.

For people who’d rather not get their privates out on national television, then maybe Channel 4’s Hunted is the show for you?

Channel 4

In the popular reality show, a selection of civilians hit the road – or go off road – to try to stay away from their pursuers for as long as they can.

The thrilling show depicts these civilians as they attempt to remain untraced for 25 days, with a team of ex-military, police and CIA agents trying to locate their whereabouts.

Those who manage to remain under the radar after the allotted time, while reaching the extraction point, will win a share of £100,000.

Channel 4

Obviously, it means you’ll want to be the only one who successfully beats the experts, otherwise you’ll have to share the cash money.

If you reckon you could outsmart the intelligence industry’s best and brightest, then head to the website to apply.