Channel 4 Wants Contestants For New Series Of Hunted

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Channel 4

Are you an expert at hiding from your mum when she comes home and she realises you’ve not put the washing out?


Reckon you can hide from the government or the FBI agent who’s assigned to watch you at all times?

If so, then Channel 4 are looking for you to star on the new series of their hit show Hunted.

In the popular reality show, a selection of civilians hit the road – or go off road – to try to stay away from their pursuers for as long as they can.

Channel 4

The thrilling show depicts these civilians as they attempt to remain untraced for 25 days, with a team of ex-military, police and CIA agents trying to locate their whereabouts.

Those who manage to remain under the radar after the allotted time, while reaching the extraction point, will win a share of £100,000.

Obviously, it means you’ll want to be the only one who successfully beats the experts, otherwise you’ll have to share the cash money.

If you reckon you could outsmart the intelligence industry’s best and brightest, then head to the website to apply.

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A spokesman for Hunted told the Yorkshire Evening Post:

We are looking for applicants for the new series of Channel 4’s Hunted.

The series will follow a number of volunteers as they go off grid and become a fugitive in the UK.

We are looking for men and women of all ages to try and evade capture from a team of expert trackers.

We want people from a variety of backgrounds and professions who think they have what it takes to disappear in 21st Century Britain.

They could be going it alone, or with friends, family or colleagues.

A prize of £100,000 will be shared equally between the fugitives who successfully evade capture.

We will cover reasonable pre-agreed loss of earnings for everyone who participates.

Channel 4

In order to be in with a chance of winning Hunted, you’ll have to do better than the gentleman who tried to escape police in the world’s worst hiding place.

The unidentified male was being hunted by Police who descended on his property last year in order to issue his arrest.

To their surprise, the arresting officers found themselves participating in the easiest game of Hide and Seek in the history of parlour games.

West Yorkshire Police/Facebook

Needless to say, the game was swiftly won by the authorities.

The accused, who was arrested as part of an initiative to up the capture of wanted individuals in the area, had a rather unimaginative hideout.

Detective Inspector Gary Stephenson of Halifax CID told UNILAD:

The 30-year-old man was arrested by officers on Thursday from the King Cross area of Halifax, after he failed to appear at court for burglary offences.

This arrest was part of an ongoing policing operation across Calderdale targeting those who are wanted by the police.

A male in Calderdale who was wanted by Police decided to try hide this morning when they went to his property looking…

Posted by West Yorkshire Police – Halifax on Thursday, 29 June 2017

Let’s hope the upcoming series of Hunted is more thrilling than this rather humorous incident.

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