Channel 5 Showed Watership Down On Easter Sunday, People Lost Their Sh*t


Channel 5 has come in for some pretty heavy criticism after deciding to show brutal animated nightmare Watership Down on Easter Sunday.

It seems that not all parents remember just how disturbing the bunny-themed movie can be to some children, reports The Independent, as a nation of chocolate filled kids settled down for an afternoon dose of blood soaked horror.

It wasn’t long before angry parents took to Twitter to express their collective unhappiness, with the scheduling choice branded a huge ‘inappropriate’ no-no.

Many parents were decidedly unimpressed with the ‘upsetting, traumatising, hideous and horrifying’ scenes of bloody, slaughtered rabbits making their way into their unsuspecting living rooms.

Based on Richard Adams’ brilliant allegorical novel, the 1978 animation follows a group of rabbits as they escape the destruction of their warren and try to begin a new life.

However, not everyone had an angry reaction to the broadcast. In fact, many people praised Channel 5 for showing the film and criticised parents for being too protective of their children.

Watership Down earned a whole host of positive reviews from critics when it was released and also features Art Garfunkel’s number one hit Bright Eyes.

Personally, there’s a whole host of TV shows I think are more disturbing than Watership Down. It’s got to be better than having to sit through Songs Of Praise on a Sunday afternoon.