Charlie Brooker Reveals Details Of The Next Black Mirror


As the world continues to plunge ever further into the dystopian plughole that is 2017 you’d think that Charlie Brooker is struggling to think darker than reality. 

We’ve only just oozed out of the year of death that was 2016, we’re in the worryingly messy process of leaving the EU, and a reality star is currently changing the face of America one atomic tweet at a fucking time.

But never fear – Charlie Brooker is back, and straight off the success of the brilliant Black Mirror Season Three, Season Four should be absolutely delicious, reports The Telegraph.


Cast your mind back to October of last year. Every episode of Season Three was different. Each litered with their own unique genre seperating it from the rest while being equally dark.

Horror, romance, murder – tick, tick, tick.

Similarly, Brooker has hinted that Season Four will take a stroll down the same path – teasing that there will be a comedy episode, a crime thriller, and an ‘indie drama’. One of which will be directed by Jodie Foster.


Speaking to The Telegraph, Brooker said:

I’ve got to be slightly careful about what I say. But one’s shooting in Iceland, which hasn’t been announced yet.

We’ve got some strikingly different tones and looks. We’ve got one that’s overtly comic, much more overtly comic than anything we’ve done. It’s got fairly mainstream comic elements, but also some really unpleasant stuff that happens.

I haven’t even seen the rough cut of it yet.


He explained:

That’s more got the tone of an indie movie, an indie drama. There’s a mother and daughter relationship in it.

The one we’re about to shoot is a crime thriller. And we’re doing one that’s got relationships at the heart of it.

And then five and six are slightly still up for grabs.

Black Mirror Season Four is set to appear on Netflix at some point in the future! I don’t know about you but we can’t wait for it.