Charlotte Crosby’s Autobiography Has A Spelling Mistake, On The Cover

by : UNILAD on : 02 Mar 2017 16:26

Charlotte Crosby has been left seriously embarrassed after releasing the cover of her new autobiography, only to realise it contained a huge spelling mistake…


The former member of the Geordie Shore gang posted the cover of her new book onto Instagram and Twitter, only for fans to point out a huge blunder…

Obviously completely unaware of the monumental cock-up slapped across the front cover of her book, Brand New Me, the reality TV star shared the picture in excitement.

In case you haven’t already spotted it, instead of reading ‘Stronger, wiser, outrageous as ever,’ the caption actually missed out the ‘r’ in ‘stronger’ and reads ‘Stonger, wiser, outrageous as ever.’ Gutted.


What’s even more excruciating for the TV personality, the glaringly obvious slip-up was pointed out by a fan…

They also remarked on whether or not the book had gone to print yet, to which Charlotte retaliated, suitably embarrassed.

She said:

Hahahhaha I bloody hope not.

What else could she do though except laugh it off and hope for the best?

It’s also a little disconcerting Charlotte – who is 26 – already has one autobiography under her belt and is now on her second.


How much life can a person have had at 26 that’s worthy of TWO books about entirely themselves?

She obviously felt she didn’t give enough away in her previous version, as her new volume is set to be ‘more personal than ever.’

Crazier still – and to be honest, all credit to her – her last book was a number one bestseller, so clearly the public are crying out for more anecdotes from the outspoken geordie.

This could definitely be a well timed publicity stunt, as surely the front cover would have been checked for major errors like that, but still, it’s the sort of thing that would happen to Charlotte.

I hope it’s an April Fools though as you wouldn’t want a blazing boo-boo like that going to print would you… That would just be terrible…

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    Charlotte Crosby laughs off spelling mistake on front cover of her autobiography after fan points out the blunder