Chase Contestant Wins Record-Breaking £70k On Her Own

the chase judithITV

A contestant on last night’s episode of The Chase (February 8), took home a record-breaking £70,000 on her own.

Contestant Judith scooped the prize money, the most ever won by a solo contestant, after giving 20 correct answers.

Although the rest of team had been eliminated by Jenny Ryan, a.k.a. ‘The Vixen’, Judith’s confidence never faltered during her showstopping performance.

You can watch the moment Judith won the money here:

Answering 20 questions correctly meant Judith had a good head-start in the final round, something Jenny couldn’t beat as she only made it to 10 questions.

The Vixen mistakenly said a ‘ragamuffin’ was a breed of dog, giving Judith the opportunity to tell host Bradley Walsh the correct answer – a cat.

This only pushed Jenny back further, and so when the clock reached zero the crowd erupted in applause.

Walsh was very impressed, describing Judith’s performance as ‘extraordinary’, while Jenny gave the contestant a well deserved standing ovation.

She added:

Wow, what a high-class quizzer Judith is. She killed me on the push-backs. I have never done this before but I have to give you a standing ovation. That was incredible.

It really was!

the chase the vixenITV

Fans of the show were over the moon for Judith.

One user on Twitter wrote:

Bloody hell Judith. Had her back against the wall from day one. Blood, sweat and tears were shed. But she battled on and came out of it with £70,000 which will pay for her pottery classes.

One for the history books. A god amongst woman. Judith.

Another also applauded Judith tweeting:

THE best The Chase contestant I’ve ever seen. Go on the Judith.

70 Large.

Others thought Judith should now become a Chaser herself:

Petition to make Judith a chaser.

Congratulations Judith! Enjoy the money!

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