Cheryl Makes Sex Confession Live On TV And Everybody Cringed


Cheryl has put those trouble in paradise rumours to bed – quite literally – after spilling a raunchy sex confession live at the Brit Awards.

Presenter Jack Whitehall sidled up to the former Girls Aloud singer and her partner Liam Payne to quiz them about how their ‘date night’ was going.

The couple – who’ve been rumoured to be at breaking point – looked characteristically stylish – and happy. Cheryl wore a black mini dress with rose embellished shoes while Liam opted for a pale blue blazer over a trendy polo shirt.


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Looking as ruffled as Cheryl’s dress under Jack’s questioning, 24-year-old Liam replied:

It’s gone great so far. We’re having a good time right?

However, little did the popstar know things were about to get a tad awkward.

You can watch the X-rated confession unfold for yourself below:

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Cheeky Jack asked the couple:

Big question. I know it’s probably past his bedtime but is the little guy watching at home? Shall we give him a wave just in case?

Presuming the posh presenter was referring to their young son Bear, the proud parents waved brightly at the camera before Jack exclaimed: ‘Hi Niall!’

This was a cheeky jab at Liam’s former One Direction bandmate and appeared to greatly amuse the musical couple.


Talk quickly moved on to Liam’s upcoming performance of his and Rita Ora‘s hit, For You, hot off the racy Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack.

Jack queried:

You’re performing later, you’re doing a performance from the Fifty Shades movie, it sounds pretty saucy – is there a safe word?

Joking around, Liam tittered and gestured to his 34-year-old other half and teased: ‘She knows that.’

The Geordie songbird then leaned in to the mic and suggestively purred:

Don’t stop.

The loved up pair giggled gleefully as chatty Jack was rendered almost speechless.


However, some viewers were left cringing at the unexpected admission; with many even questioning whether Cheryl actually even knows what a safe word is.

After all, saying ‘don’t stop’ to someone when that’s precisely what you want them to do sounds like a rather confusing bedroom puzzle.

As one viewer mused:

I don’t think Cheryl understands what a safe word is. ‘Don’t stop’ would give a very mixed signal… #BRITs2018

Another person remarked:

CHERYL literally showed how vanilla she is. She doesn’t even know what a safe word is #britawards

Although Cheryl and Liam looked the picture of bliss as they posed for photographs on the red carpet, a source told The Sun there’s a much different story going on at home:

Cheryl and Liam’s friends say things are not good between them and have made it clear their relationship will soon end.

They’re trying to work things out and want to be together for Bear’s first birthday which is next month but things are very strained.

Not entirely sure how I feel about this awkward peek through Cheryl and Liam’s bedroom keyhole to be honest.

Here’s hoping all is well for them and for their baby.