Chilling Documentary On Britain’s Most Dangerous Female Serial Killer Airs Tonight

Documentary On Britain's Most Dangerous Female Serial Killer Joanna DennehyPA/Cambridgeshire Police

A chilling documentary about one of Britain’s worst female serial killers airs tonight (April 18) exploring the aftermath of her senseless murders.

Joanna Dennehy went on a killing spree in 2013, murdering three men over a 10-day period, earning her the title of Britain’s most dangerous female serial killer.

Instead of showing remorse for her actions, Dennehy laughed in court while the charges were read to her and she was ultimately sentenced to life in prison – becoming only one of three British women ever to do so.

Documentary On Britain's Most Dangerous Female Serial Killer Joanna DennehyPA

The new documentary which airs tonight on ITV, Joanna Dennehy: Serial Killer, explores evidence from the 2013 Peterborough murders, with presenter Susanna Reid at the helm.

Reid sets out to understand the thinking of the serial killer while speaking to the victims’ family members, their school friends, detectives, and the father of Dennehy’s two children, John Treanor, The Sun reports.

The hour-long documentary is expected to tackle critical points with regards to the murders, in an attempt to gain a better insight into how Dennehy became one of the most dangerous women in Britain.

As reported by the Telegraph, Dennehy murdered Lukasz Slaboszewski, Kevin Lee and John Chapman in and around Peterborough over a 10-day period in March 2013.

The bodies were discovered in ditches in Cambridgeshire, but when police launched an investigation Dennehy went on the run and drove to Hereford. There, the serial killer repeatedly stabbed two dog walkers – both of whom miraculously survived.

In the documentary, Susanna – as well as talking to the victims’ families – will talk to Mark Lloyd, a contact of Joanna’s accomplice Gary Stretch who went on the run with the duo following Lee’s murder.

Mark reveals, as per The Sun:

Joanna’s gone right in front of me, pulled the knife out of her bra and said, ‘you know Gary, he’s the taxi driver, he dumps the bodies, I go around killing people.’ I was terrified.

I had to convince her I was onside. I think she would have killed me without hesitation.

Documentary On Britain's Most Dangerous Female Serial Killer Joanna DennehyCambridgeshire Police

The documentary also focuses its attention on the people that knew Joanna from her early years, with school pal Marika describing how Dennehy would often encourage her to take her own life.

When Marika confided in her friend about the constant bullying she faced, she would tell her she was ‘better off dead’ and offered to help her if she wanted, Marika reveals.

The serial killer’s mental state is also touched on in the documentary, with CCTV tapes and phone conversations also being looked at in detail.

Joanna Dennehy: Serial Killer is scheduled to air tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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