Chris And Liv Are Going To Break Up In Tonight’s Episode Of Love Island


It is all kicking off again on tonight’s Love Island as things are finally coming to a head with Chris and Olivia.

Last night the four islanders with the least amount of votes were revealed leaving Olivia, Amber, Jonny and Tyla in the bottom four.

Jonny and Tyla were then forced to decide between themselves which one of them went home with the result being Jonny.

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Liv was very clearly upset about coming bottom and things got worse when she saw Chris heading over to Tyla to comfort her instead, even kissing her on the top of the head.

Good job Chris; surely the first girl you should be comforting is your own missus.

Rightfully troubled by this, Liv took Chris to one side for a chat.


She told him:

I feel like we should sack this off now because I don’t think it’s going to work for you, it’s definitely, definitely not working for me.

I knew that what’s happened over the last couple of days would put me in a vulnerable position.

Chris knew exactly what was going on quickly realising that Liv was dumping him because she found herself in the bottom four.

When Chris questioned Liv about this, she shook it off:

I’m sorry but I think it’s best for both of us.

And don’t cry again because that’s the whole reason we’re in this situation.

That was harsh Liv, harsh.

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In the Beach Hut Chris spoke to viewers about the dumping.

He said:

She doesn’t think the public like her and she wants me to do the best I can for myself.

Honestly, at times I don’t understand how her head works but I’ve got to lift myself from this one and move on, and take each day as it comes because now, I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing.

This is not the first time Olivia has dumped Chris though so we will have to wait to see if it really is all over.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.