Chris Hemsworth Responds To ‘D*ckhead’ Ryan Reynolds For ‘Trash Talking’ Him

by : Emily Brown on : 11 Dec 2020 09:36
Chris Hemsworth Responds To 'D*ckhead' Ryan Reynolds For 'Trash Talking' Himchrishemsworth/Instagram/vancityreynolds/Twitter

Chris Hemsworth branded Ryan Reynolds as ‘the world’s least favourite Canadian’ after the Deadpool star got his mother to ‘trash talk’ him. 

I’m not sure what it is about Reynolds and other superhero actors, but they just can’t seem to get along. After spending years locked in a feud with Wolverine star Hugh Jackman, he set his sights on Thor by encouraging his mum to describe him as ‘a no-good asshat’.


Hemsworth wasn’t going to take the insult lying down, so hit back by feeding his ‘dad’, who was actually costume designer Dan Blacklock, some trash talk of his own.

Check out the video below:


The tongue-in-cheek battle began through The Agbo Superhero Fantasy Football Charity League, in which both actors take part and which benefits a number of organisations including the Australian Childhood Foundation, Unicef Canada and SickKids Foundation.


The charity hosted a ‘Trash Talk week’, but Reynolds explained on Twitter that he doesn’t trash talk, ‘even if it’s “required” [and…] benefits the astounding work of @sickkids hospital’.

He stressed that ‘disparaging others isn’t what heroes do’, which is why he got his mum, Tammy, to do the dirty work instead.

You can watch his video here:



After hearing Reynold’s mum describe him as ‘everyone’s least favourite Australian’, Hemsworth endeavoured to ‘remind’ a reluctant Blacklock that he ‘hated’ Reynolds, that he’d said he was ‘a d*ckhead’, ‘the worst actor’ and his ‘least favourite Canadian in the whole world’.

Blacklock seemed pretty adamant that he’d never said any such thing about the Deadpool star, but Hemsworth continued to insist that he did.

The Thor actor went on to take shots at Reynolds’ gin brand through Blacklock, saying: ‘You said you hate Aviation Gin, ’cause it’s disgusting’, despite the costume designer’s arguments that it was actually his favourite.

Chris HemsworthPA Images

Blacklock said Green Lantern was the ‘best movie ever’, or at least in his ‘top three’, to which Hemsworth corrected him by saying: ‘It’s not the best movie ever. Even if you liked him, it’s not.’

Hemsworth’s remarks were harsh, but Reynolds’ script was arguably more cruel as he got his mum to say he looked ‘like a bodybuilder f*cked a platypus’.

Ryan Reynolds And John Krasinski To Star In New Comedy Imaginary FriendsPA Images

The message ended with one final hit as Tammy commented: ‘I loved you in Wonder Woman! It was the best.’ Fans will know that it was actually Chris Pine, not Hemsworth, who starred in the 2017 movie.


Reynolds hasn’t yet responded to Hemsworth’s attack, but hopefully they’ll both keep in mind that it’s all for a good cause before things escalate any further.

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