Cillian Murphy Says New Series Of Peaky Blinders Will Be The Best One Yet


Series three of Peaky Blinders was very exciting, especially with that tense cliffhanger, but series four promises to be even better.

In a recent interview with On Demand Entertainment, Cillian Murphy, who plays Tommy Shelby in the gangster drama, was quizzed about the upcoming series.

Although the Irish actor did not give much away, his teasing will excite fans.

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He said:

I think series four will be the best it has been.

I’m very excited about it, we just wrapped last week and I think people will be in for a lot of surprises.

Considering how good the last series was, the next one must be a corker!

Check out Cillian’s full interview here:

There are some new additions to the cast for the next series as well, as Oscar winner Adrien Brody and Game of Thrones star Aidan Gillen are joining the show.

Creator of the show, Steven Knight, spoke to Metro about these new characters saying:

Adrien plays the threat to the family and possibly the biggest they’ll face.

Aidan is a sort of, in the face of danger it’s like pressing the nuclear button – you get him to help. Let me put it that way.

We have been very fortunate to get two really legendary actors.

We get a lot of actors who want to be part of [Peaky] which is great but we try not to make it a ‘spot the star’ sentiment, and just get actors who are really perfect for the role.

Although there is no release date yet, Peaky Blinders is looking set to return at the end of this year. Cannot. Wait.