Cinema ‘Accidentally’ Plays La La Land Instead Of Moonlight


In the ‘biggest blunder of Oscars history’, La La Land was mistakenly awarded the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Chaos and confusion erupted at the glittering ceremony when a tux-clad man was forced to interrupt proceedings to announce that, in fact, it was Moonlight that had won the award… someone had just mixed up the envelopes.

Accidents do happen and all involved dealt with the disaster with the utmost grace and respect. But while getting two envelopes mixed up is understandable, two show reels is a whole different kettle of mixed-up fish.


Well, that’s what happened at an East London cinema last night, reports the Metro.

The team at Rio Cinema in Dalston took the awards debacle to a whole new level of hilarity, when they pranked their Moonlight audience by playing the opening 20 seconds of La La Land at the showing.

General Manager Andrew Woodyatt told Metro about the ‘spoofy joke of what happened at the Oscars’:

It would have been quite awkward if they hadn’t got the joke – but luckily they did.

We played the beginning of one of the La La Land trailers which is not exactly like the opening of the film, but everyone in the audience were, ‘hang on a moment, something’s wrong here’.

We stopped it, make it look as though we made a mistake, and then started Moonlight. It got a huge round of applause and everyone loved it.


It seems we’ll be enjoying hours more fun at the expense of The Academy after this fiasco.

Moonlight and La La Land are both showing nationwide now.