‘Come Dine With Me’ Narrator Dave Lamb Appears On Camera, Internet Stunned

Channel 4

Fans of Come Dine With Me were given a treat when spin-off Champion of Champions launched yesterday, but not everyone saw it that way.

Dave Lamb is the faceless narrating star of the show which has run on Channel 4 for the past 11 years, but he stepped in front of the camera for the show’s new incarnation.

The show is supposedly set in 47-year-old Lamb’s country manor, and he certainly dressed for the occasion.

Check it out:

Lamb can’t be accused of not warning people ahead of time though.

Baffled and surprised viewers quickly joined him on social media to vent their emotions.

A few were not keen at all…

Others reacted positively…

And for some people, it was all just a bit too much…

If you prefer seeing and not hearing Lamb, like an absolute madman, then this other clip may also be to your liking:

Champions BTS from Max Newson on Vimeo.