Coming To America 2 Rumours Have Got People Losing Their Sh*t

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Cult classic, Coming to America might be getting a sequel and the Internet has lost its collective mind.

The Hollywood rumour mill is churning out whispers that Eddie Murphy will be returning to his prime and is currently working on a Coming to America sequel.

Sources close to Murphy claim the actor-cum-comedian is writing a script which will see the African Prince Akeem Joffer come back to America, TMZ reports.

A mysterious tweet was sent out – and quickly deleted – from Eddie’s official account, depicting Prince Akeem’s infection-free Queen-to-be in a still from the 1990s movie.

In case you missed it, you can watch her iconic film debut below:

It was Coming To America‘s off-the-wall bizarre comedic styling which helped gross nearly $300 million dollars, despite little press before its release.

The tweet sent from Murphy’s official account was simply captioned, ‘Coming to America sequel ?’


The narrative, in case you missed it, follows heir to the throne, Prince Akeem as he journeys to Queens, New York to find love and flee from his arranged marriage in the fictional African realm, Zamunda.

Accompanied by his clueless sidekick, hilarity ensues. Fans of the film were quick to applaud a follow up story, decades later.

However, many observed the pressures of creating a cult classic sequel:

The former Queen-to-be, actress Vanessa Bell Calloway, is excited as everyone else about the possibility of a sequel.

Calloway told TMZ:

I would love to do the movie. I would love to do a sequel. It’s like, ‘C’mon Eddie, let’s make this happen!’ The movie was iconic – it’s the gift that keeps giving.

However, the legitimacy of the original tweet has been called into question.

When your dad doesn't even realize he has a twitter account. ?❤️

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Murphy’s eldest daughter, Bria, posted a screengrab of their messages on Instagram, claiming her dad didn’t even know he had a Twitter account in the first place.

This whole scenario is as baffling as Queens was to Prince Akeem. But if loving the prospect of meeting Prince Akeem and the Royal Penis again on the silver screen is wrong, I don’t want to be right.