Company Uses ‘Snowflake’ Test To See If Potential Employees Are Easily Offended

Fox News Channel

Whether rightly or wrongly, young adults of the 2010s may well go down in history as the ‘snowflake generation’.

Brought back into insult vogue by Chuck Palahnuik in his mid-nineties breakthrough novel Fight Club, snowflakes apparently spend all days getting offended by things on the internet and straining their puny muscles just enough to lift their avocado lattes.

Straight talking CEO and president of The Silent Partner Marketing Kyle Reyes is now waging war against the epidemic of entitled snowflakism in the ferocious, dog-eat-dog world of marketing.

Check out Kyle’s appearance on Fox News below:

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Kyle decided to get prospective employees to take a ‘Snowflake Test’ to make sure they weren’t easily offended.

Speaking with Fox News, Kyle explained how a lot of applicants just weren’t making the cut as ‘hardcore Americans’:

We started weeding through and realised a lot of people had a sense of entitlement.

If you’re looking to apply, you can expect to talk about the last time you cried, as well as about your personal views on police, privilege and guns. You also must be able to give a suitably patriotic answer to the question: ‘What does American mean to you?’

Broad City/Viacom Media Networks

In a strident call to arms, Kyle delivered the following message to any cry-baby, flag burning millennials who dare apply:

You’re young, you’re ignorant, you’re brainwashed by liberal professors who didn’t tell you that in the real world, the only ‘safe space’ is in your parents’ basement.

So you young activists, you champions of character, you eighth place trophy holders; until you realise that this [points proudly to US flag] is earned by this [points to upstanding, grafting citizen] then you will never be able to actually survive in the working world.

Interestingly, the company was soon inundated with applications from eager applicants, all certain they had the brass cahoonies to pass Kyle’s survey.

Warner Bros./HBO

Every new generation gets accused of being lazy and over-idealistic so maybe we just need to give snowflakes the chance to become bitter, overworked and prejudiced in their own unique way before we slam them.

However, clearly Kyle is getting the specific candidates he needs through this alternative approach to recruiting, so fair play.

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