Contestant’s Hilarious Homer Blunder Is Branded The ‘Greatest Wrong Answer Ever’

by : Cameron Frew on : 26 Oct 2021 08:07
Contestant’s Hilarious Homer Blunder Is Branded The ‘Greatest Wrong Answer Ever’Disney/ITV

A ‘tremendous sequence of events’ on Tipping Point saw a contestant give the ‘greatest wrong answer ever’ when asked about Homer. 

For those who aren’t savvy with UK quiz shows and daytime TV, the ITV programme pits competitors against each other in a fairly traditional Q&A format across a series of topics, from which they win counters to put in an absolutely massive penny falls machine, where they can win thousands of pounds and mystery prizes.


In the latest episode, presenter Ben Shephard put forward a question about Homer; unfortunately, the contestant went for the wrong one.

Dom, a school teacher from Manchester, was asked, ‘In his epic poems, Homer often refers to nectar as the drink of the gods and which other substance as their food?’

The question is in reference to the author behind the likes of the Iliad and the Odyssey. However, Dom’s brain immediately honed in on another Homer.


‘I know he likes doughnuts,’ he replied, referring to The Simpsons character’s drooling love of the Lard Lad sweet treats.

While Shephard quickly realised Dom’s error, he asked fellow contestant Lindsey what she would have answered, to which she said, ‘I would have said doughnuts as well. Yes, beer and doughnuts.’

After the host re-read the question, the penny finally dropped, so to speak. ‘Oh, I got the wrong, Homer,’ Dom said. ‘Homer, of course, poet, scholar, bard, philosopher. Not Homer Simpson, who works in a nuclear factory, drinks beer and likes doughnuts,’ Shephard joked, revealing the answer to be ambrosia.


Viewers quickly took to Twitter. ‘Doughnuts is the greatest wrong answer ever in the history of the show,’ one wrote. ‘Tipping Point needs to come with a health warning. I near passed out at the Homer question,’ another tweeted.

‘This absolute gem will get me through the rest of 2021,’ a third wrote. ‘Ben Shepherd’s [sic] face is perfect. Remarkable daytime quizzing, this,’ a fourth tweeted.

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