Contestants Rumoured To Be Going On I’m A Celebrity 2018 Revealed

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I’m a Celebrity… is just around the corner, the reality show that just won’t quit, much to the British public’s delight.


Who’s going in this year? We don’t know for certain.

But the rumour mill is a spinning (don’t fact check me on that phrase) and the contenders look pretty neat, tbh.

Have a gander at this creme da le creme of superstars…


Ronnie O’Sullivan

What better place to start? That’s right, Snooker veteran Pot ’em All Ron (that’s not his nickname) has admitted he’d love to have a go tackling some other balls.

He said last year, as per the Mirror:

I would, a million per cent, I’d do anything now, I would love it. I’m up for it. I used to think, ‘no, I couldn’t do that, I’ve got to be a pure snooker player,’ but you get to a stage when you think, ‘This is painful and that’s all fun, a good laugh’.

Why not? Let’s have a bit of the jungle. They’ll think I’m a gorilla when they look at me and I take my T-shirt off. I couldn’t have done that trial last night, though, with the snakes. I’m gonna get trained for it, get used to the snakes.

Here’s hoping!

Catherine Tyldesley!Catherine Tyldesley!PA

Catherine Tyldesley


I’d love to see Catherine in the jungle for no other shallow reason than I really fancy her. As in, she genuinely makes me blush while giving it all that on the cobbles of Salford in Coronation Street.

‘Rumours over her next career move went into overdrive after she spoke about her relatives in Australia and her desire to spend some time there, and we think it’s all building up to a perfect match with a stint in the jungle,’ a spokesman for bookmakers Coral said.

She’s yet to confirm anything. A boy can dream, though.

Monica Lewinsky!Monica Lewinsky!PA

Monica Lewinsky

Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky was rumoured to be one of the big names ITV secured for this year’s line up.

Alas, the now-bestselling author – who has breezed through life without controversy – dismissed the speculation on the grounds it wasn’t ‘her thing’ nor did she consider a celebrity.

Emily Atack!Emily Atack!PA

Emily Atack

The Inbetweeners starlet stole our hearts on the 2008 teen comedy series and now she might be returning to our screens a decade later to eat kangaroo dick. It’s the little things!

She is fed up of doing indie movies and wants some stability in the UK with a big telly gig with lots of coverage, a source told the Sun. ‘She knows being on the show will massively up her profile and hopes it will be a major turning point for her career. Bosses are thrilled she is on board because she’s absolutely stunning.’


Stephen Bear

I don’t really wanna write about him or even waste the money buying a picture, so I’m gonna leave it at this, tbh. He’ll probably end up in the show.

Nigel Farage!Nigel Farage!PA

Nigel Farage

Big ol’ Nige, however… there’s a man I’m happy to spend dough on!

During an interview with Good Morning Britain, the former UKIP leader danced around the question, saying:

I’m not for sale at the moment. Once we’re a free independent country charting our own course and I’m completely out of the grubby world of politics, who knows what I might do!

Certainly wouldn’t be the first racist on Australian shor- you know what, we’re better than this. Stop it. You know I love you all down under.

Frankie Bridge!Frankie Bridge!PA

Frankie Bridge

Remember The Saturdays? Me neither! But I’m sure Frankie, who the public last saw on Celebrity MasterChef this year, will make a delightful addition to the camp.

Saying that, she might be horrible… who knows? I’m just spitballing here!

Her husband Wayne took part in the 2016 series so he could definitely give her pointers.

Fans Body Shame Conor McGregor After He Shares 'Fat' PhotoFans Body Shame Conor McGregor After He Shares 'Fat' PhotoGetty

Conor McGregor

UFC LAD Conor ‘Not Another Chokehold!’ McGregor (love ya really mate) might as well join the jungle in theory given his recent suspension following last weekend’s defeat to Khabib Nurmagomedov.

However, the chances aren’t very likely. He’s going through a rough patch at the minute, but at the end of the day he’s still Conor McGregor you know what I mean? Is he f**k going in.

Danny in the jungle!Danny in the jungle!Tom Percival/UNILAD

Danny Dyer

Dyer loves reality TV, believe it or not.

Back in June, he said:

It is an instant thing at the moment and it is a career… why not try and do something like this Love Island – everyone’s talking about it and she [Dani] can earn loads of money and crack right on. It is a career – you can earn loads of dough and get loved and adored for it.

Up the apple and pears and straight out of that helicopter you go, Dan!

Bob Dylan!Bob Dylan!PA

Bob Dylan

The public spoke and ITV delivered! The Voice of Protest himself Mr Bobby “Rob” “Zimbo the Bard” Allen Dylan is heading into the I’m a Celeb camp!

Only joking. Can you imagine, though? Lmao.

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