Could This Be The Worst Attempt At A ‘British’ Accent Ever


We’ve all heard some pretty bad imitations of British accents on U.S TV shows, but this one could be the worst of the lot.

This interpretation of a ‘Geordie’ accent on cult television show Castle is so bad that it has gone full circle and is actually absolutely brilliant.

The series sees Nathan Fillion get himself into all sorts of ‘amusing’ scrapes as he solves various crimes, and this episode was no different.

Geordies, brace yourselves for this… 

Castle had to infiltrate a beginners’ English class to find out who committed a murder – enter ‘authentic’ Geordie, Alastair.

What follows is some sort of insane mix featuring a smattering of Scottish, some noises, a bit of an Irish accent (I think), the word ‘fettle’ a few times and a couple of Geordie-esque sounds all underpinned with a sort of American tone.

It turns out that Castle has just as much trouble interpreting Alastair’s chat as we do so he brings in an ‘expert’ to translate.


“Though technically English, the language has evolved to include a certain unique vocabulary and grammatical structure,” she remarks on hearing it.

The accent is so far off the mark that you start to think it could be sophisticated joke but, it turns out, probably not as assistant Castle writer Nick Hurwitz tweeted:

Maybe that’s just what Geordie sounds like to the American ear, maybe the show’s producers have mistaken the Newcastle accent for some form of medieval generic UK mish-mash of accents – either way it’s fucking hilarious.