Creepy Photo Shows ‘Mothman Monster Leaping Between Trees’


Almost exactly 50 years ago to the date, a mysterious creature known as the ‘Mothman’ was reportedly spotted in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. 

The mythical beast was spotted by a terrified couple and a group of gravediggers, swinging from tree to tree in the area and was later reported in local press before being picked up by the national newspapers, reports WCHS.

nintchdbpict000284547788WCHS / ABC

Mothman became a nationwide phenomena in no time at all and was even popularised in the 2002 film, The Mothman Prophesies, starring Richard Gere.

But now it appears that the Mothman has returned home after a local man claimed to have seen the creature just last week swinging from tree to tree in, you guessed it, Point Pleasant.

nintchdbpict000284547796WCHS / ABC

Numerous images of the eerie spectacle were posted online before being picked up by numerous newspapers and TV stations – all causing mass debate on whether it truly is the Mothman or just a bird.

The folklore surrounding Mothman suggests that the creature is a harbinger of doom due to the fact he was allegedly spotted shortly before the collapse of the Silver Bridge over the Ohio River which killed 67 people.


A local news reporter from Point Pleasant posted the images online with the caption ‘MOTHMAN’ prompting hundreds of people to voice their opinion on the creature.

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Whatever it is I sure wouldn’t want to bump into it late at night…