Dani And Jack’s Ex Ellie Go Out For Drinks And It Does Not End Well For Jack

Dani dyer crying on Love IslandITV

We’re in the midst of television gold right now, and for once, it’s not because of a binge-worthy Netflix series – it’s thanks to reality tv! 

The juxtaposition of the World Cup and Love Island happening at the same time – and don’t forget Wimbledon has just started too – means all this amazing weather we’re having is almost paling into insignificance.

Thanks to television offering up the opportunity for most people to live out their own fantasies by dreaming about football coming home, or swanning off to a Mediterranean island to find love, there’s plenty to get stuck in to.

However, as with the World Cup, every team on Love Island has it’s ups and downs.

Last night, (July 2) we saw a dramatic re-coupling in which (spoiler alert) Josh returned from Casa Amor with Kazimir, leaving Georgia single and heartbroken.

Megan coupled up with new arrival Alex just days after coming between Wes and Laura, and speaking of Wes, he didn’t look very pleased when he arrived back to see the new couple in each other’s arms.

Prior to ditching Wes, Megan’s relationship with him looked as if it was in trouble anyway. Since shacking up with Wes, Megan became a social pariah in the show, as her fellow female contestants sided with Laura in their recent love triangle.

However, the tensest moment came from the seemingly inseparable Jack and Dani.

While we all knew it was highly unlikely Jack would leave Dani, especially after asking her to be his girlfriend, things became dicey after Jack’s ex-girlfriend Ellie arrived.

In fact, things got so dicey, television watchdogs, Ofcom, were inundated with 650 complaints following Sunday night’s episode (July 1), in which Dani was shown in floods of tears after seeing Jack’s reaction to Ellie entering the villa.

However, ahead of tonight’s episode, it seems the tables have turned and it’s Jack’s turn to fret back at the villa while his ex and his current girlfriend have a ‘girlie chat’.

Check it out here:

As the first-look shows, Dani receives a text message which reads:

Dani and Ellie you are going out for afternoon drinks, please get ready to leave the villa.

After Dani reads out the message, Jack’s face pretty much says it all. While Ellie simply responds with ‘sh*t’.

As the sneak-peak shows, Ellie reveals her and Jack were on and off since 2016, and adds ‘he was a bit of a f*ckboy, to be fair’.

Catching up with Jack after their drinks, Dani has a few questions for the stationery salesman, which leaves him with a bit of a red face (and that’s not just the sunburn).

Elsewhere in the episode, we can look forward to Georgia confronting Josh for ditching her for new girl Kaz, after just four days of knowing the newbie.

So, if you’re looking to unwind after a tense football match, I’m not sure Love Island is going to be your wind-down TV, as explosive moments just keep going off.

Anyone for tennis?

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