Dani Dyer Left Devastated After Jack Fails Lie Detector Test On Tonight’s Love Island

Jack fails lie detector test.ITV

Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham are easily the couple of 2018, winning over Love Island viewers with their down-to-earth humour and natural affection for each other.

Indeed, I personally wouldn’t be surprised if their eventual wedding day was declared a national holiday; world leaders rocking up to Westminster Abbey in bikinis and beach shorts.

Unfortunately, a recent challenge has left a foul smelling turd in the pure, pure swimming pool water of their love. And I for one am gutted.

You can catch your first glimpse of the challenge below:

Now, in all honesty, would you feel comfortable answering questions from your other half while strapped to a lie detector on one of the most widely watched programmes in the UK?

Of course, this is something many of us can happily avoid. However, on a show like Love Island, you can never be quite sure what shock hurdles are going to be thrown in the path of your blossoming romance.

For tonight’s episode, the boys were subjected to a nerve-wracking lie detector test, where viewers will see them answer questions from their girlfriends.

This of course included likeable pen salesman Jack, whose snakey results proved greatly disheartening for poor Dani…

Speaking before the nail-biting challenge, 21-year-old Dani opened up about having been hurt in the past by a disloyal boyfriend.

Speaking in the beach hut before the lie detector test, the aspiring actor explained:

I’ve been cheated on, I’ve been lied to. I’ve had it all. It doesn’t bring a nice side out in me. Loyalty, it means so much to me.

Dani had prepared a number of tense questions for her beloved to answer, including ‘Could you be tempted by other girls outside of the villa?’ and ‘Are you in love with Dani?’

She also wanted to know, ‘Did you only couple up with Dani because you knew who her dad was?’ and ‘Do you wish Dani was sexier?’ Gulp.

Unfortunately, it has been reported Jack lied through his dazzling teeth during the lie detector test, resulting in a shocking fail.

Dani was obviously troubled by some of the results, and confronted Jack during an intense conversation by the fire pit.

Apparently trying to smooth the matter over, Jack protested:

It’s just annoying me that you’re now talking about all the negative ones.

However, Dani was clearly less than happy with the outcome, having grown to trust her new boyfriend during their whirlwind time in the villa.

Explaining her frustrations, Dani stressed:

Any girl in the world if they’ve got that question and their boyfriend got it wrong they would be upset.

Dani isn’t the only one who has been disturbed by this curveball, with fans already mourning the demise of the favourite couple to win.

One person tweeted:

Imagine if the lie detector test tonight catches Jack out and it turns out he’s only been with Dani the whole time just to meet Danny Dyer.

Another said:

Can you imagine if Jack fails the lie detector then Dani and Jack split up………. the last 8 weeks would have been a big fat lie and I won’t know what true love actually looks like……… ughhh Love island really is my life rn

Oh cruel gods of the celeb-love world, you have taken so many from us in the last year: Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt.

Let us keep Dani and Jack, and our hopes in true love!

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