Daniel Craig Has A Cure For Your Holiday Hangover

Columbia Pictures

One of the best things about the festive season is that it’s perfectly acceptable, if not actually encouraged, to drink all day.

While this is great fun in the evenings it can lead to a sore head in the morning.

Thankfully there are ways to cure a tender head after a full session, and they come from none other than problem drinker extraordinaire James Bond, who’s always supping martinis while on shift.

Okay to be fair it’s not Bond, James Bond’s tip – it actually comes from Daniel Craig (who is definitely not a problem drinker) and could potentially solve the age old problem of having had one too many the day before.

Craig revealed in a recent interview with lifestyle mag DuJour what exactly his magical formula for exorcising hangovers is.

He said: 

There’s this thing called Pedialyte. It’s basically a diuretic; you give it to kids who are dehydrated. If you wake up in the morning and you’ve got one of those on standby and you down the whole lot… you can carry on drinking!

While we’ve not tried this ourselves we’re not going to doubt Craig on this one – we bet he’s gone method with one or two martinis in his day – just to get in character of course.


Best of all Pedialyte is pretty cheap, around £10.00 a box from all good chemists, and this isn’t some dodgy herbal remedy it’s actual science as opposed to wishes and dreams.

Craig explained that he got this tip from Mark Wahlberg and claims it’s the difference between life and death as far as he’s concerned.

Must remember to pick a box up before New Years Eve.