Daniel Radcliffe Has A Sh*t Ton Of Lookalikes Throughout History

by : UNILAD on : 18 Feb 2017 10:41
YouTube/BBC/The Graham Norton Show

It seems Daniel Radcliffe has not one, but quite a few doppelgangers and they’re not all from this era.


The Harry Potter actor appeared on Graham Norton’s sofa last night, only for the presenter to reveal some very weird pictures of the star.

Bizarrely, Daniel looks like so many people throughout history and it’s seriously weird.

Check it out:

It looks like Daniel is a bit of a time traveller if these snaps are anything to go by and what’s stranger still, they’re nearly all women.


Even he looked taken aback at the creepy similarities between his bespectacled face and the vintage pics.

He said:

I look like a lot of old women in the past.

It’s very rarely men or boys.


Graham released the eeriest photo at the end, which had only just been uncovered and the woman in it (yes another one) looks the spitting image of Harry Potter.

Even though Daniel seemed to be aware of these spooky, old pictures doing the rounds and his slightly disturbing likeness to them all, he was still pretty shocked by the last one.

He added:

These are all my past lives and I loo like a slightly depressed lady in a lot of them.



It’s pretty odd all of these women have a striking resemblance to Harry Potter before JK Rowling was even born.

Perhaps time travel is a thing after all?

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