Daniel Radcliffe Won’t Get Twitter Because He Knows He’d Argue With People

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 04 Dec 2020 12:23
Daniel Radcliffe Won't Get Twitter Because He Knows He'd Argue With PeoplePA

Unlike most celebrities, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has chosen to stay off social media because he thinks he’d end up getting into arguments with people.

With the likes of Emma Watson, Tom Felton and, most recently, Rupert Grint on Instagram, 31-year-old Radcliffe won’t be joining them anytime soon.


Discussing the matter with Sean Evans for the YouTube series Hot Ones, Radcliffe explained that while he wished he had an extravagant answer to why he’s not on social media, it’s actually for quite simple reasons.

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Radcliffe said:

I would love to say there’s some incredibly well-thought-out intellectual reason for this because I considered getting a Twitter and I 100% know that if I did, you all would be waking up to stories like, ‘Dan Radcliffe gets into fight with random person on Twitter’.


Radcliffe then went on to talk about how much of social media consists of negative comments about people, which he’d struggle to cope with, but also that constantly reading any positive comments about himself would be ‘an unhealthy thing to do’ as well.

He explained, ‘When I was younger, not anymore thank God, I would like to look up comments about myself on the internet and read sh*t like that. That is an insane and bad thing to do. And to me, like Twitter and everything just sort of feels like an extension of that. Unless I’m going to go on to just read all nice things about myself, which also feels like another kind of unhealthy thing to do.’

The 31-year-old added that the doesn’t think he’d be ‘mentally strong enough’ for social media either, and you can’t blame him.


Radcliffe also talks about his recent movie Escape from Pretoria, which was released earlier this year. The movie is based on a true story about two South Africans, imprisoned for working on behalf of the African National Congress, who are looking to escape from Pretoria prison.

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In one scene in particular, Radcliffe had to unlock a door using a broomstick attached to a set of keys. Evans asked the actor how many takes it took to get it right.

Radcliffe explained that it took ‘so many’ and that he was glad he asked this question. He went on, ‘I’m not generally a person who is given to bragging or taking myself up, but I will say I was the only one of us who actually managed to do it.’


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