Danny Dyer Calls David Cameron ‘F*cking Tw*t’ In TV Choice Awards Acceptance Speech

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Danny Dyer has used some colourful words to describe David Cameron in the past, and he wasted no time in bringing the subject up again in an acceptance speech where he used more choice language towards the former Prime Minister.

The Eastenders star won a TV Choice Award at the event last night (September 10), and he managed to drop a few names in his acceptance speech.

After throwing in an anecdote about how he has licked Mary Berry and giving a shoutout to his daughter and Love Island winner Dani, Dyer went on to share his thoughts on Cameron, and he was not short of expletives.

In June this year, the actor appeared on Good Evening Britain to speak about Brexit and Cameron stepping down as Prime Minister – except he referred to the politician using much more controversial language.

The 41-year-old said:

Who knows about Brexit? No one’s got a f*cking clue what Brexit is.

I haven’t got a clue. No one knows what it is, it’s like this mad riddle that no one knows what it is.

So what’s happened to that tw*t David Cameron who called it on? How come he can scuttle off?

Dyer’s descriptions were met with a lot of praise from viewers, with many calling for the actor to run for Prime Minister.

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One viewer tweeted:

DANNY DYER FOR PM!!!!!!!!!!!! #GoodEveningBritain

Another added:

It would seem that Danny Dyer has become the unlikely voice of common sense in this country.

Three months on, Dyer suspected his televised opinion about Cameron might have helped him win Best Soap Actor at yesterday’s TV Choice Awards. 

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Accepting his award last night, he said:

I like to think I’ve won this because I’m a blinding actor but I fear it’s actually because my daughter’s won Love Island, right?

And also because I called David Cameron a tw*t, that’s the other thing I think.

So, I’d like to thank Dani, and I’d like to thank David Cameron for being the f*cking tw*t that he is ladies and gentlemen.

Watch his speech here:

The award is voted for by the public, so there’s every chance the brazen actor’s honesty won him some extra votes.

Once again, his views were met with agreement and praise from people watching the awards, who seem to love the Eastenders star’s bluntness.

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One viewer agreed with his suspicions about how he won the award, writing:

Danny Dyer says calling David Cameron a Tw*t on live tv & his daughter being on Love Island probably won him the Best Actor TV Choice award – he has a point

While most people loved the swearword-filled speech, it made a bit of extra work for the makers of the show.

Sharing the clip on Twitter, TV Choice wrote:

That moment when @MrDDyer won Best Soap Actor and we had to bleep the [email protected]*%!! out of his speech #classic #dannydyer #TVChoiceAwards

If Dyer’s theory behind award-winning is correct, the added F-bomb will probably see him giving more acceptance speeches in the near future.

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