Danny Dyer Confirmed To Make Appearance On Love Island Tomorrow

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For Love Island fans, the debate over whether Danny Dyer will enter the villa/won’t enter the villa, has been a hot topic of conversation.

The excitement over whether he’ll make an appearance has been fuelled since his daughter, Dani Dyer, has seemingly found love with fellow Love Islander, Jack Fincham.

The Eastenders star, who’s garnered a ‘hard-man’ reputation for himself, thanks to roles in films such as Football Factory, has had fans convinced, should he enter the hormone-filled property we’ll see some of his East End charm and aggression in equal measure.

Ok well maybe not Football Factory levels of aggression, but you get the point.

Well, the will he/won’t he debate looks as though it’s been settled as it appears to have been confirmed he’ll be making an appearance on this Sunday’s episode (July 29).

In a preview shown on ITV2 for the ‘meet the parents’ section of the episode, The Business star finally makes an appearance…of sorts.

Mr Dyer, along with his wife, Jo Mas, (Dani’s mum), do appear in the show, but it’s via a video link, rather than actually being present in the luxury villa.

And people thought the baby episode was going to be the best one of the series…

The Mean Machine actor’s eldest daughter has seemingly found love in the Love Island villa with 26-year-old Jack, and in the preview clip, Danny joked he’s going to ‘kill him’ as they finally get a chance to speak.

It can be a tricky moment in life when you meet your partner’s parents for the first time – whether it’s in person or on FaceTime, yet for Jack, I imagine it’s all the more awkward.

He’s already confessed to having a fondness for the actor, and given Danny Dyer’s reputation, just imagine how the grilling would go down – especially seeing as you’ve shared a bed with his daughter every night!

Dani and Jack Love IslandITV2

Thankfully for 40-year-old Danny and wife Joanne, they haven’t had to watch their daughter have sex on national TV – not just yet anyway!

While they’ve said it’s been difficult for them to watch their daughter sleep next to Jack all the time, they do approve of him.

However, Danny is adamant he won’t be sleeping in Dani’s bed when he comes over to their Essex home once they leave the villa – if they’re still together!

Jack Fincham Love IslandITV2

Speaking about their daughter’s boyfriend, Jo told The Sun:

Danny and I really like Jack . He’s really funny and witty and his one-liners crack me up.

Danny talks about Jack as if he knows him. He says to me, ‘Can you imagine what it’s going to be like when Jack comes round?’

I keep having to remind Danny, ‘You’ve not met him yet. We’ll have him round for dinner for our first meeting, with just the immediate family.

It won’t be a big shebang because we don’t roll like that. I think Danny will be very reserved with Jack and I think Jack has a nice way of winning people over.

It will be a funny process to watch. I’ll film it every night.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see where it all began:

Speaking about life after the villa and whether Jack will share a bed with Dani at her Essex home, Jo continued:

Danny’s already warned us though, ‘Jack’s not allowed to stay in Dani’s bed’. I think Jack could be the one because he’s older than her.

It’s sad because I loved her ex-boyfriend, but they were so young. Jack seems grounded.

Unless Justin Bieber comes along, this could be it.

I would say there’s no chance of Justin Bieber making a guest appearance in the Love Island villa, especially now he’s engaged to Hailey Baldwin, but, this is reality TV after all, and anything can happen…

Ok, maybe I’m getting carried away – but her ex-boyfriend may enter? It’s happened to Jack with his former girlfriend, so who knows? They’ve got to keep it juicy for a few more weeks yet…

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