Danny Dyer Has A Creepy Nickname For Jack

by : UNILAD on : 30 Jul 2018 12:24
Jack and Dani - Love IslandJack and Dani - Love IslandITV2

Last night the crown jewel of East London (after Wiley, Idris Elba and Bobby Moore), Danny Dyer, finally made his long-awaited cameo on Love Island.


Just as you would expect, it was content gold as ITV’s hit reality show ran the ‘meet the parents’ segment and Jack Fincham finally got to meet Dani Dyer’s mum and dad.

The encounter did not disappoint as Jack, who is a big fan of Dani’s dad Danny, finally got to meet his idol.

He didn’t even seem to mind the creepy nickname the one-time Deadliest Men presenter, and current landlord of the Queen Vic, has given Dani’s boyfriend.

You can watch the full first meet in the video below:


While viewers were a little bummed Dyer (as in ‘Danny’, not ‘Dani’) and his wife Joanne Mas could only meet their daughter’s boyfriend via video call it was nonetheless entertaining. The Eastenders actor could barely hold his tears back as he finally got to talk to his daughter who he hasn’t had a chance to speak to since entering the Villa in Majorca.

It was nice to see the father-and-daughter dynamic between the two, who he calls ‘mate’. (My old man would never refer to me as his ‘mate’ – just ‘oi’.) Her grandad even appeared on the show, who she fondly refers to as ‘bruv’. I think I’m going to pitch a reality show based around the Dyers. It’s going to be called Dealin’ With The Dyers: Ya F***in’ Mugs. Don’t act like you wouldn’t watch it, I’m putting the copyright laws in place already.

Seeing as Jack was a hit with Danny and Joanne he’ll star in it as well. But he’ll only be referred to by his nickname, Jack The Ripper – given to him by Sir Danny himself. On last night’s episode, as Jack quickly dashed inside the villa looking equal parts thrilled and petrified, Dyer’s voice could be heard booming out of the TV saying, ‘I’m gonna kill him!’ Jokingly of course.

Danny Dyer and Joanne on Love IslandDanny Dyer and Joanne on Love IslandITV2

When all four finally sat down together, Joanne revealed her and Danny’s special nickname for their daughter’s new boyfriend. Danny also joked he’d like to wrap his hands around Jack’s throat.

For those of you who need brushing up on your history, Jack The Ripper was the infamous moniker of the serial killer who operated in East London towards the end of the 19th century.

Danny went on to say:


You know what Jack, listen – proper geezer. I love the fact you got a little derby, you got so much charisma

He, of course, was referring to Jack’s tiny gut and he took the compliment with good grace, agreeing with Danny that ‘It’s not about abs, is it?’

Danny added:

Nah it ain’t mate, listen, takes a brave man to bowl into that gaff, they’re all abbed up got nothing about ’em.

No disrespect, yeah. You’ve looked after each other in there, it’s a beautiful thing, d’ya know what I mean? It’s rare.

When Jack asked if Dani’s parents ‘approve’ of him Joanne dropped a savage ‘No, not yet’ much to the horror of Dani.

Jack and Dani on Love IslandJack and Dani on Love IslandITV2

However, her old man came to rescue, saying:

Oh shut up, she’s talking bollocks. Nah, listen, I approve of ya mate, I think you’re absolutely bang on. I weren’t at first, I though ‘oh here we go’.

Is it odd I read Danny Dyer quotes in Danny Dyer’s voice?

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