Danny Dyer Just Made A Ballsy Move In Front Of Holly Willoughby On TV


Holly Willoughby got more than she bargained for when she appeared on Thursday night’s episode of Celebrity Juice alongside Danny Dyer.

After Danny boasted he has ‘one massive bollock’, the EastEnders actor proved to the This Morning host that he, quite literally, had huge balls.

When asked by Keith Lemon if the rumours were true concerning the size of his testicles, Danny Dyer said: “I got one massive bollock, yeah one massive bollock. It’s a mad thing yeh. It weighs a fucking tonne. I’d love to wack it out. Can I wack it out?”


After the audience started chanting ‘yes’, Danny – who’s pretty well known for his wild antics – rose to the challenge and told Holly: “I’ll show you it, I’ll show you it.”

This Morning host Holly immediately said no, but after being egged on by the audience, and co-star Fearne Cotton, who told pal Holly to ‘take one for the team’, she took a peak citing it was on ‘medical grounds’.

And by her reaction, the rumour was probably true – she was pretty flushed, as was her teammate Zoe Ball, who yelled ‘Oh my god’.


Not a bad reaction, I’d say.

Carrying on with his antics, Dyer also had a special message for the Queen to mark her 90th birthday on Thursday.

He said: “Happy Birthday Ma’am. You probably ain’t got a clue who I am. But it doesn’t matter to me. Go out tonight and get off your fucking nut.”

Words of wisdom.

Watch Danny’s ballsy move here: